Crystal Diagnostic is underpinned by the principle that hospital must be designed around the needs of patients. We are committed to provide best services to patients, and on the need to design health checkup services that deliver safe, effective and compassionate health care for all. The centre has GCC Health Council Accreditation to provide medical check ups for expatriates workers traveling to the Gulf countries for employment.

We are building a better Patient experience enabled by technology and fully equipped with modern Medical Check-up facilities and technologies are as per requirements for performing Medical check-up.


Intensive care

Crystal Diagnostic will be the independent, comprehensive primary care medical clinic of choice for our community’s healthcare needs.

Specialised Support Service

Continuously strive for excellence in service and clinical quality to distinguish us with our patients and other customers.

Medical Examinations

Conduction of all required medical examinations according to the approved form issued by the Gulf Health Council.

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With access to

24 Hour



A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regavelialia. It is a paradise.


Lab Equipment

Auto Chemistry Analyzer

Auto Elisa Analyzer

Cell Counter



Bio Safety Cabinet

Service Recipient Says

It is one the most trustworthy Medical checkup centre in Dhaka.

Rakib hossain Dhaka
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One of the most neat & clean Diagnostic Centre in DHAKA

Saiful Islam Dhaka
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Their report delivery process & the behaviour of the employees of this Diagnostic Centre are praiseworthy.

Mobarak Hossain Dhaka
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